Meso Injectable (Vitamin Cocktail)

How long do the effects last?
Unlike many of our other treatments, Mesotherapy does require more treatments initially and more maintenance throughout the year. Depending on the specific treatment, a regimen of 1-2 treatments per week for the first 4-8 weeks is needed, and this is followed a maintenance treatment every 3 months.
Once a satisfactory result is achieved, the results can be long-lasting, but this depends on the continuing lifestyle factors of individual patients. A healthy lifestyle with a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise and drinking plenty of water will help prolong the results.
Can Mesotherapy be used in combination with other treatments?
If you are having botox, filler or other treatments,  Mesotherapy can complement these treatments wonderfully, improving the skin texture and tone even more. The other treatments will remove the lines and wrinkles and restore lost volume but Mesotherapy will nourish and rejuvenate the skin underneath. So we are rejuvenating inside and out!
You can also combine this treatment with a chemical peel and LED Mask with will give you the ultimate rejuvenation package 
Is it safe?
Mesotherapy has existed for over 50 years, and in France, there are over 15,000 practitioners using Mesotherapy.
Mesotherapy is actually taught in medical schools in that country. Mesotherapy is gaining widespread acceptance throughout the world, and in the USA there was a staggering increase of Mesotherapy treatments in 2006 of over 500%. Mesotherapy uses natural vitamins and minerals as well as harmless homoeopathic medicines and is therefore very safe.
Mesotherapy can help with...
Mesotherapy uses the following treatment types...



Per treatment £150

Course of 4 £500

Course of 6 £700

Course of 8 £899


The above prices include (chemical peel and LED)


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