Meso Micro-Needling 

Meso Micro-Needling is a gentle Skin Needling treatment designed to implant active substances under the skin surface using a plastic needle. It is great for stimulating natural collagen and elastin production that leaves skin instantly refreshed and revitalised.

This is a perfect lunchtime treatment. Great for skin rejuvenation and an everyday treatment which leaves your skin feeling truly clean, resurfaced and boosted

Ideal for those with less pronounced fine lines, in need of a skin overhaul or regular outbreaks

Meso plastic needles abrades and scuffs the skin, letting the serum in through these breaks, therefore resulting in a more gentle treatment

Redness usually disappears after 1-2 hours, great for an event the following day

Suitable for weekly treatments more lasting results are achieved by regular sessions

Price per treatment £65
Course of 6 £350