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How to look after your Permanent Make up in the Summer

It's that time of year again, where the sun is shining, the barbecue is out and we are spending the majority of our days outside, unless we are at work of course!

Don’t you just love it when you wake up in the morning and there's Blue sky, the sun is shining and the birds are singing?

It puts you in that real 'feel good mood factor' and you just want to get out there and spend as much time outside as possible.

You may even have a lovely summer holiday booked in the sun somewhere? So I thought I'd put this blog together for you - How to look after your Permanent Make-up in the summer.

I'm sure you already know, but this will just jog your memory and just give you a gentle reminder : )

As nice as the summer and the hot sunshine is, we need to not only look after our skin with a good SPF 30+, but we also need to look after our Permanent make up, which we often forget.

The sun can fade the pigment in the skin prematurely if we don’t look after it.

Permanent make up can last anything between 2-4 years depending on your skin type, what pigment you have had implanted and how well you look after your permanent make up.

So here I have put a list together on how you can care for your permanent make up:

  • For Lip Tattoos I recommend you use an SPF specifically for Lips, which usually come in a Lip Balm form or cream.

  • Wear hats and sunglasses for extra protection

  • I also recommend to my Clients, if they are going swimming, to apply a little

  • Vaseline on them, as the chlorine in the water can also sometimes draw the pigment out, or if you have an SPF Lip balm just use that.

  • Beware of certain skin care products, which contains alpha hydroxy acids or retinal, although these products are amazing for the skin, but not for Permanent make up and will draw the pigment out quicker.  If you are using any of these skincare products make sure you avoid the areas you have tattooed.

So this is it from me for now. Enjoy the lovely sunshine, where ever you are and Remember always apply SPF 30+


Thank you for taking your time in reading ‘How to look after your Permanent Make up in the Summer …lots of love Claudia xxx

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