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Kent Beauty Awards - Winner!

WOW! What a Weekend!

Well what can I say, I have only done it and won the Silver and Bronze Award on Friday at the

Kent Health and Beauty Award Ceremony. Yippee!

I cannot tell you how buzzing I am right now and my face is beaming from ear to ear. I was

never expecting to win anything to be honest with you. I was just so, so honoured to even get to the finalists.

So this journey began in March for me, when I received this phone call out of the blue saying;

‘Hi this is Hilary from Kent Health and Beauty Awards, you've been nominated for an

award - would you like to accept this nomination?’

I was like, what me? ...little old me...really? I was like, wow I can’t believe it.

So I said to Hilary that I would love to accept it but that I was on my own and run a Home based clinic.

She was laughing and saying that actually one of their categories was also for a Home-based Salon and that all the hard work should be recognized. I was so over the moon and felt so honoured, that of course I accepted this award.

So, I then received the application form and you could apply for 3 categories, but I decided to go just for two this time, just to test the waters, as I have never been nominated, let alone attended any of these amazing events.

I decided to go for the ‘Best Home-Based Salon of the year’ award and for ‘Excellence in

Service’ Award. I completed my application and submitted it on the deadline given. And I mean it was literally on the dead line, as I am not very good in 'bigging' myself up, but I thought what the heck, if my clients can go to all that effort in nominating me, surely I can put a few words together in completing this application. So I did.

About 4 weeks or so later, I received this email stating ‘Congratulations you are the finalist in

‘Best Home Based Salon of the year’ and for ‘Excellence in Service award’.

I thought wow, what an achievement this is just to even get to the finals. As this award is for

the whole of Kent, I felt so proud and honoured. But I really didn’t expect to win anything at all.

As there was so much talent there and some amazing people, that I believed that they had a

much better chance then me.

But I really wanted to attend get the buzz of it all. And take it all in. Plus it was a Black Tie

Event, and who needs any excuse to dress up right, lol. Not me!

Anyway, so the night came for the Award Ceremony, and I have met some amazing people up

there. And what an amazing night it was. The Bronze winners were announced and I was jumping up and down to receive the Bronze award and I kind of thought, I am so pleased to have won this for my first year in being part of the awards ceremony, that I thought that’s it I have done well to bag the Bronze lol. But then, they started to announce the awards for ‘Excellence in Service Award’ and they called the first person up for the silver award and then they called ‘MY NAME’ I honestly couldn’t believe it.

I was jumping to the stage. They must of thought who is this crazy person, ha ha ha.

But I was honestly beaming. So over the moon. I couldn’t take it all in. What an amazing night and what an amazing achievement I thought. All your sweat, hard work and hours you put in, every single day, has been noticed and you think wow.

So So Happy.

But I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my lovely clients, as without YOU I wouldn’t be where I am today. You have made my dreams come true and I cannot thank you all enough.I also would like to thank my friends, family and especially my husband for always supporting me and putting up with me LOL!

Thank you all and love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Much Love

Claudia xxx

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